President Joe Biden commits to replacing entire federal fleet with electric vehicles –

President Joe Biden said Monday the U.S. government would replace the entire federal fleet of cars, trucks and SUVs with electric vehicles manufactured in the United States, a commitment tied … Read More

Inadequate federal privacy regulations leave US startups lagging behind Europe –

Cillian Kieran Contributor Cillian Kieran is CEO and co-founder of Ethyca, a New York-based privacy company. “A new law to follow” seems unlikely to have featured on many business wishlists … Read More

FBI, NSA say hacks on US federal agencies ‘likely Russian in origin’ –

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Second federal judge rules against Trump administration’s TikTok ban –

Another federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction against U.S. government restrictions that would have effectively banned TikTok from operating in the United States. The ruling (embedded below) was made … Read More

ByteDance asks federal appeals court to vacate U.S. order forcing it to sell TikTok –

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Federal judge approves ending consent decrees that prevented movie studios from owning theaters – TechCrunch

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How does #ITmodernization affect #federal agency employees and Americans who dep…

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Federal court rules WhatsApp and Facebook’s malware exploit case against NSO Group can proceed – TechCrunch

A U.S. federal court judge ruled on Thursday that WhatsApp and parent company Facebook’s lawsuit against Israeli mobile surveillance software company NSO Group can go forward. Phyllis Hamilton, Chief Judge … Read More