TikTok partners with Whisk to pilot a recipe-saving feature on food videos – ITPro.works

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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature will be enabled by default and arrive in ‘early spring’ on iOS – ITPro.works

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TikTok’s new Q&A feature lets creators respond to fan questions using text or video – ITPro.works

TikTok is testing a new video Q&A feature that allows creators to more directly respond to their audience’s questions with either text or video answers, the company confirmed to ITPro.works. … Read More

Netflix’s ‘Shuffle Play’ feature will roll out to all users worldwide this year – ITPro.works

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Google pilots a search feature that aggregates short-form videos from TikTok and Instagram – ITPro.works

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Instagram businesses and creators may be getting a Messenger-like ‘FAQ’ feature – ITPro.works

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Musicians get the bulk of ticket sales with Bandcamp’s new live-streaming concert feature – ITPro.works

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Twitter’s new Stories feature ‘Fleets’ is struggling under the load – ITPro.works

Twitter’s new Stories feature, “Fleets,” appears to be struggling under the load. Launched this morning to Twitter’s global user base, Fleets appear at the top of the Twitter app, allowing … Read More