Rough Guide to Blogging – Book Review

I just finished reading “The Rough Guide to Blogging.” As a new professional blogger and owner of several blog directories, I am attempting to read every thing I can on the subject of blogging. I have read other offerings from the “rough guide” series so my expectations were set very high. I am happy to report that this guide exceeded my expectations.

This book provides an in-depth and thorough view into the world of blogging.

There are a lot of pages devoted to starting up a blog and getting it of the ground. This is important because so many blogs fail in the first month; this will help get you over that hurdle. The book is small but do not be fooled there is great information contained in the pages. There is absolutely no filler; everything that is written is great information that all bloggers need to know.

It was very well written and extremely engaging. I picked it up and did not put it down until I finished it. I have been blogging for years but I learned so much from this author. This blog resource is probably the best value you can find in bookstores in regards to valuable information versus price.

In closing, I would highly recommend this to everyone that has a blog or anyone that is thinking about starting one. The entire series is a must for new bloggers but even professional bloggers like me can pick up some new and helpful tips from this book.

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