Resistance Bands Set Stackable Exercise Bands with Handles, Legs Ankle Straps, Door Anchor, Waterproof Carry Bag,Workout Guide for Resistance Training, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts,Gym Training


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Product Description



5 Different Resistances Levels

Yellow band = 10 lbs.

Green band = 15 lbs.

Red band = 20 lbs.

Blue band = 25 lbs.

Black band = 30 lbs.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can find the suitable intensity of your workout.


Combinable Intensity

It can be used alone or stacker in any combination of intensity from 10 lbs to 100lbs.

Soft foam offers a comfortable grip, you can adjust the intensity of your resistance band workouts to suit your personal goals.



Full-body Workout

Full-body Workout



Durable & Safe for Daily Using

The resistance band is made of natural rubber that will not dry out, deform or snap. The stainless steel buckles are strong & durable, ensuring you a safe training.

Full-body Workout

You can use these fitness bands to train certain muscle groups to build and tighten your chest, lower body, upper body, abdomen, biceps, triceps, back and buttocks.

Add Varieties to Your Workout

The door anchor is thickened and soft, damage-free to your doors. It will assist you in getting more workout varieties.


Packing list

5 x Resistance Bands

2 x Foam Handles (Dense but soft foam offers a comfortable grip)

2 x Ankle Straps (Connect your ankle strap with your tube bands, exercise your leg muscles better)

1 x Door Anchor Attachment (Door anchor can avoid slipping, which makes exercise safer and more efficient)

1 x Waterproof Carry Bag (More convenient to store and carry the fitness bands set)

1 x Workout Guide (Show you how to use it correctly and anyone easily to get started)

Different Color Adjustable Resistance Bands:Yellow (10 lbs.), Green (15 lbs.), Red(20 lbs.), Blue(25 lbs.), Black (30 lbs.). All exercise bands are 48″ in length, and can be used alone or stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs.
Full Body Workout: The resistance band set train your muscles with tension rope to keep your muscles burning fat, boosting stamina, and increasing muscle strength, can be used to exercise all parts of muscles such as arms, chest, abdomen, glutes and legs and also good for Physical Therapy, Recovery or to increase Mobility.
Train Anytime & Anywhere: You can use the resistance bands with ankle straps and door attachment to exercise while you everywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can find the suitable intensity of your workout.
Highest Quality Materials: Resistance band is made of natural latex is kind to the environment. Strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity, steel metal buckle for stronger strength, non-slip handle, comfortable and absorbent.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If, for any reason, you are not happy with the quality or performance of these workout bands, let us know anytime and we will be glad to straighten things out for you.

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