Real-world Learning Framework for Secondary Schools: Digital Tools and Practical Strategies for Successful Implementation – bring about deeper and self-directed learning in students


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Foster authentic learning in classrooms. Students desire to find meaning in what they learn and to exert creativity in their schoolwork. Using the Create Framework, educators can help students find greater fulfillment in learning, while also meeting the guidelines of curriculum standards. Explore the framework’s main components, and understand how to use the framework for classroom, school, and district pursuits. Sample lessons will address various school subjects and framework levels for grades 6-12.


  • Learn each of the components of the research-based Create Framework for lesson planning and how each component connects to student content standards.
  • Discover the five levels of real-world learning to give students opportunities to exercise cognitive complexity, engagement, and technology integration.
  • Answer questions and get action steps to set up the Create Excellence Framework for real-world project-based instruction in grades 6-12.
  • Consult examples of Create Excellence Framework learning projects aimed at different content areas and specified by grade level.
  • Explore online tools and resources to promote online projects that engage students much more than traditional lecture and textbook learning.

Chapter 1: Real-World Learning
Chapter 2: Cognitive Complexity
Chapter 3: Student Engagement
Chapter 4: Technology Integration
Chapter 5: Implementation of the Create Excellence Framework

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