Home Business and Blogging Part 3

A simple primer on “how to blog” will take you from choosing your subject and blog platform, through to making your blog text stand out and grab your readers’ attention. Let us look at some of the development of blogs and help you learn more about blogging and how to blog. Just as important as it is to learn about blogging and how to blog, it is important to understand your rights and the laws that will protect or bring you harm due to your blogging.

Consider a self-hosted solution if you are looking to blog professionally or as part of your business, and a hosted solution if you want to blog for fun, or as an experiment to see if you enjoy blogging. Consider one of the many pre-made website templates offered by the blogging service, or one created by you. Depending on why you are blogging in the first place, one piece of advice you should definitely consider is trying to find yourself a niche. A place where people are looking for information on a certain subject. Each page viewed on your blog may look different or have different content but your readers like familiar and consistent content, with few surprises or changes.

As a business considering a business blog, realize that business blogging allows you to use a hi-tech method to engage in an ages old process of talking with customers and prospects. While blogging is extremely cost-effective and the most viral marketing tool you can have in your arsenal of marketing vehicles, if you go ‘free’ or look to monetize the site for a few dollars, think about the long-range impact and cost of this decision on your professional stature. To determine how blogging increases revenue (i.e, to measure performance), you must track how clients come to you.

This tool truly makes affiliate marketing a time efficient exercise. If you’re a busy professional and want to start using a blog in your marketing, but you don’t have the time or inclination to set it up yourself, there are services available that can do it for you. All of our marketing efforts are long term projects, with the possible exception of TV, radio and newspaper ads. Your marketing efforts will hopefully still pay off for years in the future.

There are many blogs talking marketing and business development ideas. This month alone there are several who have discussed marketing and client development. It is apparent that firms consider marketing and business development as important keys to improving profitability and using blogs to improve their performance.

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