GPU Graphics Card Support Bracket GPU Graphic Holder Brace Vertical Holster for Gaming PC GPU Brackets Braces Support Video Card for 1080ti gt 1030 2070 gt 1030 etc Graphics Cards with Magnetized Base


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GPU Support Brace to Fix GPU Sag [Graphics Card Holders]

Graphics card sagging can lead to serious consequences in the long run if it is not dealt with in time. This problem generally occurs in longer mid to high-end graphics cards that have a bulky and heavy heatsink. In GPU sagging, the graphics card at one side bends down or hangs due to its weight, due to lack of support. The sagging of the GPU can put stress on your motherboard and may cause some damage to it in the long run, if the sagging persists. Some high-end motherboards do come with metal reinforced PCI-E x16 slots, but not everybody buys the top model or top-end motherboard, and in these motherboards too, you can notice some amount of graphics card sag because of the weight. Also, high-end graphics cards with metal backplate do encounter sag because of their weight and length. So, in these cases, the best way to prevent graphics card sagging is to use a GPU Support Bracket, Graphics Card Holder, or Graphics Card Sag Holder.

gpu support bracketgpu support bracket

There are generally two types of GPU support brace or graphics card sag holders: vertical and horizontal.

Horizontal Graphics Card Holder or GPU Support Bracket is mostly an ‘L’ shaped metal piece that attaches to the side of the case bracket, along with the graphics card using screws. It consists of adjustable rubber mounts or pads on the arm that makes contact with the bottom end or graphics card shroud to give the card proper support and prevents it from sagging. For the horizontal graphics card support bracket to work, the graphics card width should be slightly greater than the computer case bracket. This means that it cannot work with graphics cards having a width equal to or less than the bracket, and also with low profile graphics cards. Horizontal graphics card sag holder is also called GPU Support Bracket, GPU Support Brace, GPU Brace Support Bracket, or Horizontal GPU Sag Holster.

vertical gpu mountvertical gpu mount

For our Vertical Graphics Card Holder

For our Vertical Graphics Card Holder has a stand with a shaft, on which two adjustable sliders are present, which can be locked at the desired position to provide support to the graphics card and prevents it from sagging. Vertical GPU holder can support multiple graphics cards without any issues, whereas a horizontal one can support only one graphics card at a time and can cause an issue with the adjacent graphics card below it if you are using more than one graphics card in SLI or CrossFire setup. However, it cannot be used with computer cases that do not have spare space for it to stand on. So, if you have a smaller PC case with hard drive cages very close to the motherboard, then you will have a hard time fitting it to give your graphics card support. In general, a vertical graphics card sag holder provides better and stable support to the graphics card and is more flexible compared to the horizontal one.

gpu support bracketgpu support bracket

Vertical GPU support brace

Vertical GPU support brace can be used with all types of graphics cards, including the passive graphics cards with huge heatsinks, but the horizontal one does have some limitations regarding the height of the graphics card. This is basically a graphics card support stand with a solid metal bar with two support arms that slide up and down and can be adjusted to the desired height by tightening the tool-less screws on them. On their upper surface, they have rubber pads that prevent scratches on the graphics card and they also provide better grip. The whole graphics cardholder is made of aluminum and the construction quality is very good. The stand is a tripod one and has strong magnets located on each of the legs. The magnet is pretty strong but not strong enough to damage your hard drives (HDDs) if they are in close vicinity of the stand.

This vertical graphics cardholder can support two graphics cards in a multi-GPU setup (SLI or CrossFire)

graphics card support for gaming pcgraphics card support for gaming pc

Aluminum Vertical Graphics Card Holder Single Support Jack Bracket Desktop PC Case Video Card Stand Cooling Bracket Black

Full aluminum material, with strong supporting power, firm, and durable.Equipped with scratch-resistant pads, protecting your card from damage.The invisible magnetic design of the bottom, stable without shaking.Sliding adjustment design, you can adjust the height that you need.Compatible with traditional ATX/MATX/ITX and other PC case structures. Suitable for all kinds of graphics card on the market.

The supporters have a friction locking mechanism where you just have to push the clip inside to lock the support arms

These support arms hold the graphics cards eliminate the graphics card sag completely.

You can place the graphics card holder on the bottom of the case and also on the PSU shroud if you have a full-length shroud. The holder does not consume much space and it neither restricts the airflow in your case. The height of the stand is 10.6 inches and the diameter of the stand is 4cm only.

Also, it does not interfere with your adjacent brackets and PCIe slots, and you can use other PCIe expansion cards on your motherboard without any issues.

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is one of the key components for forming images in electronic devices. These items are heavy, which may sag over time and put pressure on the motherboard. If the motherboard is damaged, it can cost a lot of money to fix. this GPU brace could hold the GPU in place. Save yourself from trouble with our amazing GPU braces, a Vertical (10.6 inches tall) GPU Support Brace Support Dual Construction with Aluminum and ABS Material which height could be adjusted.
Universal VGA Holder If you are looking for a branded graphics card sag holder then this Universal VGA Holder fits the bill perfectly. the two supporters here are made of ps+ABS plastic and have a friction locking mechanism where you just have to push the clip inside to lock the support arms. This locking mechanism is relatively easy and quicker than compared to the tool-less screw ones in the upHere one. With pretty strong magnet The bar and the stand are made of aluminum and is very stable.
This vertical graphics card holder can support two graphics cards in a multi-GPU setup (SLI or CrossFire). Graphics Card Holder comes with two bars, and you can either use one or two at the same time, depending on the height of the graphics card from the base. This means if you have a smaller case then you are good with one bar only, but if the case is big then you can join the two bars together to extend its length so that it can reach the graphics card. It is only available in black color.
Suitable for all kinds of graphics card on the market, for example: for nvidia geforce graphics card tarjeta grafica, nvidia rtx series,rtx 3090,rtx 3080 ti,rtx 3080 msi,rtx 3080,rtx 3070,rtx 3060,rtx 3060 ti,rtx 2080,rtx 2080 ti,rtx 2080 super,rtx 2070 super,rtx 2070 ti,rtx 2070,rtx 2060 super,rtx 2060,rtx 1660 super,rtx 1080 ti,rtx 1080,rtx 1060,for Nvidia GeForce GT series: gt 1030,gt 710,for graphics card in fractal meshify 2, meshify c, aorus gaming box
for nvidia gtx series: gtx 3090,gtx 3080,gtx 3070,gtx 3060,gtx 2080 super,gtx 2070,gtx 1660,gtx 1660 super,gtx 1660 ti,gtx 1650 super,gtx 1080 ti,gtx 1080,gtx 1070,gtx 1070 ti,gtx 1060,gtx 1030,gtx 980 ti,gtx 980,gtx 970,gtx 960,for amd radeon graphics card,radeon rx series,rx 6800 xt,rx 5700 xt,rx 5600 xt,rx 5600,rx 6800 xt,rx 580,rx vega 64,AMD Ryzen 5 3600,asus graphics card and most GPUS in the market

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