Do You Have to Blog Everyday?

When you start blogging to increase traffic, newsletter sign-ups and to get more customers, it often seems as if the more you blog the better. But, there are many reasons why more isn’t always better when it comes to blogging.

Your Blog Has No Focus

Writing a bunch of 500 word blog posts that have no purpose other than SEO isn’t going to help if they’re not focused and purposeful. You need to find a voice for your business and stick to it with a strict focus.

You Don’t Understand Your Niche

Understanding the minutia of your niche is important and if you don’t, it will be hard for you to write useful blog posts that speak to your audience.

Your Post Has No Reason for Being

If you are writing things without any purpose, it’s going to be difficult to get a permanent readership going. You might attract one-time viewers, but if they click around and find no cohesiveness and no call to action, they’ll just read and leave.

You Don’t Understand Your Audience

It is difficult to write blog posts that speak to your audience if you don’t know why they are. It’s imperative that you spend time studying your audience so that you know the right words to use to express what you need to say.

Your Writing Is Boring

Putting it all together, if you are mostly concerned with churning out more content rather than quality content, your content might just be super-boring to the point that it puts your readers to sleep. Working on quality content that speaks about your niche in an intelligent way to your audience is more important than having more content.

You’re Not Including Other Types of Content

Blogging is more than written text today. You need to include a variety of formats of content such as podcasts, videos, text content and more.

You’re Not Curating Other People’s Content

Other people have important things to add to the discussion of your niche with your audience. If you can find blog posts that say what you want to say that other people wrote better than you can, share it with your own thoughts added to it to round it out.

You Aren’t Promoting Blog Posts That You Have

Writing or creating a blog post is just the first step. After you publish it, you need to promote it. If you’re not spending time promoting your blog posts, maybe they’re not good enough to bother even publishing.

When starting a blog, it’s far more important to craft a simple plan of action than to just write. Understand your readers, take the time to optimize each blog post, and never skimp on promoting every blog post that you create. Spending all your time writing and not focusing on these other issues won’t give you the business you want, but doing all these things will.

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