DMoose Workout Gloves for Men and Women, Weight Lifting Gloves with or Without Wrist Support, Full Palm Protection, Perfect Grip for Deadlift Fitness Gym Crossfit Exercise Training


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Product Description


Relieve Pressure from your Hands and Improve your Grip for Maximum Lifts with DMoose Weight Lifting Gloves

For those who are hell-bent on achieving their desired fitness goals, lack of grip and clammy hands can be a significant setback. To bring your weight lifting game up a notch and increase your gains, you need Weight Lifting Gloves. That’s why we at DMoose have created DMoose Weight Lifting Gloves, which is just what you need! It is an essential tool for weightlifters, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, and strongmen who want to maintain better grip and control while training or competing.

Product Details:

Weight Lifting Gloves (Pair)
Neoprene Gym Gloves
4-way stretch Lycra Fabric and Silicon Padding
Available in Multiple Sizes
Additional Wrist Support
Support Male and Female Lifters



Full Palm Protection – No Rips & Tears

When fatigue kicks in, your grip fails, which can cause any heavy weight lifting bars to slip from your hand and cause rips and tears in your skin. The Full Palm Protection provided by these Weight Lifting Gloves keeps the bar from coming in contact with your skin. This prevents excessive damage to the skin during lifts—triple your workload with no rips, tears, or calluses.

Easier Workouts


Experience these uniquely designed Weight Lifting gloves and lift more reps. This gym glove is comfortable to wear – simply slide it on! Weightlifting Gloves are perfect for standard weightlifting, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, deadlifts, CrossFit, and many other workouts and fitness routines. Work out harder and more consistently while protecting your hands and wrist with the DMoose Weight Lifting Gloves.

Made from High-Quality Neoprene and 4-Way Stretch Lycra Fabric
Silicon Padding on the Palms for Anti-Slip Stability and Max Comfort
Velcro Straps for Adjustability
Cushioned Structure for Sweat Absorption
Breathable Design
Paddings to Protect Hands from Training Abrasion

Superior, Comfortable Design

1. Anti-Slip Stability

1. Anti-Slip Stability

2. Additional Wrist Support

2. Additional Wrist Support

3. Multiple Sizes + Adjustable Design

3. Multiple Sizes + Adjustable Design

1. Anti-Slip Stability

These workout gloves are cushioned with silicon padding on the palm side.

This increases friction and provides reliable stability in extensive movement.

Lift without worrying about the bar slipping from your hands!

2. Additional Wrist Support

Make the most of the additional wrist support and protect your arms from spraining. Excellent wrist support for performing Olympic lifts such as snatches, clean and jerks, front squats, and other lifts requiring wrist protection.

Athletes who prefer more excellent wrist stability can use the gloves without the wrist support.

3. Multiple Sizes + Adjustable Design

The DMoose Weightlifting Gloves are available in different sizes, so you can find the size that fits you perfectly!

Alongside this, these lifting gloves feature a 4-way stretch Lycra fabric manufacture and a Velcro, providing the user the ability to adjust to their personal comfort!


Say Goodbye To Poor Grip!

Fatigue and clammy hands can often hinder you from reaching your fitness goals. Forget about low grip strength and the bar constantly slipping from your hands. The DMoose Weight Lifting Gloves provide you with an extra firm grip on your barbells, pull-up bars, muscle up rings, kettlebells, and more! Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, man or woman, these weight lifting gym gloves are a smart choice for powerlifting!

Support Area

Back, bicep, shoulder, and pectoral muscles

Hands Safety

Biceps, triceps, elbows

Biceps, triceps, elbows

Wrists, Forearm, Hand

Neck, Head

Use Case

Chin ups, pull ups, dips, triceps workouts

Shrugs, Lat pull downs, WOD CrossFit movements

Bicep curls

Dumbells, Biceps, triceps exercises

Hand Strength exercise

Injury Recovery, Neck Muscle


Heavy-Duty Steel Chain, Soft Neoprene Material, Double D-Rings and Carabiners, Adjustable

Adjustable Wrist Support, Thick Padded Neoprene, Non-Slip Resistant Coating

Maximize bicep strength

Increased Muscle Activation

Forearm Muscularity, Hand Enduranc, Improved Dexterity

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Black, Blue, Red


Black, Red, Blue



Increases Grip Strength – While heavy lifting, your grip usually fails before your overall strength does due to either fatigue or clammy hands. this halts your fitness goals. Instead of continually chalking their hands, some athletes opt for weight lifting gloves that allow them to maintain a firm grip on their bars.
Additional Wrist Support Option – Athletes have an option to choose from. Those athletes who either need to target their wrists or whose fitness goals fall short due to their wrists can opt for weight lifting gloves with wrist support. rest have lifting gloves without wrist support as a viable option.
Comfortable Fit and Long-lasting Durability – The availability of DMoose workout gloves in 5 sizes allows you to find the perfect size for you. plus, the use of 4-way stretch lycra fabric, silicon padding, and neoprene adds to the durability of the product and ensures maximum comfort.
Reduce Tears and Rips – When fatigue kicks in, your grip fails, which can cause any heavy weight lifting bars to slip from your hand and cause rips and tears in your skin. DMoose weight lifting gloves provide an extra layer over your hand to prevent excessive damage to the skin during lifts.
Easy to Use – Since you don’t have to continually worry about your bars falling out of your hands, lifting those heavy loads might not be a bad idea now. since they are basically ‘gloves,’ there is no limitation to which bars can be lifted using weight lifting gloves. It is a smart and practical choice for avid lifters.

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