10+1 Steps to Problem Solving: An Engineers Guide From A Career in Operational Technology and Control Systems


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Were you always a natural problem solver? Or did you develop the skill?

It’s about time you do something for yourself and address the – g a p – in your skillset.

10+1 will change your perception on how engineers become problem solving ninjas.

How to think like a Lead Engineer.
And how to turn these newly boosted problem solving skills into engineering career progression.

Did you already reach your maximum potential?
Or do you look at knowledge as a way to become an authority?

This engineering book is one way to transform an everyday problem solver into an engineering ninja!

Engineers are turning to books to skip the hierarchy and learn today, right now.
If you’re one of these people, then buy this book to get a jumpstart on your journey.
Change your narrative from going with the flow, to actively pursuing improvement.

From being a good engineer to becoming THE engineer. The subject matter expert.

Take a moment to consider this unique and practical approach.
This is a must have for an engineers bookshelf.
And these 11 simple steps are a must know for an engineers toolkit.

Inside you get:

  • A practical problem solving methodology
  • Strategies for engineering career progression
  • Real engineering stories
  • Cheatsheets and checklists for engineers

This relatable guide simplifies the scientific principles and breaks down the art of efficient problem-solving. Andrew Sario breaks down years of experience into digestible tips.Boost your career with 10+1 steps to solve real-life engineering problems effectively.

Can engineers improve their problem-solving skills? Sario guides readers through ten steps of practical problem-solving with each step including engineering stories from his career as a Lead Systems Engineer in the Critical Infrastructure and Operational Technology fields.

Here’s the 10+1 Problem Solving formula:

  1. The Question
  2. The Obvious
  3. Eyes
  4. Check Yourself
  5. Doctor G
  6. The RTFM Protocol
  7. Strip
  8. What about the environment?
  9. Phone-A-Friend
  10. Pray

The last step? – That’s the secret step.
You can only use it once understanding the first ten steps!

From The Author:
“The steps are designed so that they can work with formal engineering methods giving you ways to improve your approach.10+1 Steps to problem-solving provides that extra “+1″ step for those situations when you have run out of options.”

The engineering book shows the reader how their problem-solving skills can lead to better pay, more respect and land bigger projects.

Imagine the value of meeting a mentor that could introduce you to concepts they learned over a decade, that you could absorb and apply directly to your day-to-day engineering career instantly.

What would that be worth to you? What do you normally spend on engineering training courses?

Engineering books with real stories are rare, but in this book, there’s stories about an attempt to hack a company using a printer, grenades exploding, how an 18 hour shift that turned into a promotion, and more. All the stories weaved into concepts learned from Engineering Greats of the past such as Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates.

This is an engineering philosophy that anyone can learn from whether you are an engineer or not.

So what are you waiting for?

This is the must read engineering book for the modern-era engineer.

Get your copy today!

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