Webull, M1 and Public remove restrictions on ‘memestocks’ after citing trade settlement firm as the cause – ITPro.works

Three of the popular retail stock market trading apps that have hosted much of the activity related to the Wall Street Bets subreddit-spurred run on stocks including GameStop (GME) and … Read More

Trump’s latest immigration restrictions are bad news for American workers – ITPro.works

Jay Srinivasan Contributor Jay Srinivasan is co-founder and CEO of atSpoke. I’m an immigrant, and since arriving from India two decades ago I’ve earned a Ph.D., launched two companies, created … Read More

Facebook isn’t happy about Apple’s upcoming ad tracking restrictions – TechCrunch

Apple’s upcoming operating system iOS 14 (currently in public beta) could have a big impact on publishers who work with Facebook’s ad network — at least, according to Facebook. The … Read More

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