‘Frozen’ CG snow and crash-test cadavers offer hints for 60-year-old Russian mystery deaths – ITPro.works

The Dyatlov Pass incident is the mother of all cold cases: nine people found dead in 1959, deep in the Ural mountains, under circumstances no one has ever been able … Read More

Facebook and Instagram’s AI-generated image captions now offer far more details – ITPro.works

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VW’s prototype robot is designed to offer full-service charging for electric vehicles – ITPro.works

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Bandit ML helps e-commerce businesses present the most effective offer to each shopper – ITPro.works

Bandit ML aims to optimize and automate the process of presenting the right offer to the right customer. The startup was part of the summer 2020 class at accelerator Y Combinator … Read More

NowThis partners with Calm to offer a soothing Election Day livestream – ITPro.works

Mobile news organization NowThis is announcing a bit of counter-programming for next week’s presidential election — it’s partnering with meditation app Calm to create a livestream for anyone who needs … Read More

Via and Hyundai-Aptiv joint venture to offer shared robotaxi rides next year – ITPro.works

Motional, the Hyundai-Aptiv joint venture, and on-demand shuttle startup Via plan to launch a shared robotaxi service for the public in a U.S. city in the first half of 2021. … Read More

Trilo lets merchants offer rewards to customers choosing bank-to-bank payments – ITPro.works

Open banking enables bank-to-bank payments, meaning that (in theory) merchants should be able to accept payments without having to hand over fees to Visa or Mastercard or other payment providers, … Read More

Marshall Major IV wireless headphones offer great sound, plus 80+ hours of battery life and wireless charging – ITPro.works

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