Bandit ML helps e-commerce businesses present the most effective offer to each shopper –

Bandit ML aims to optimize and automate the process of presenting the right offer to the right customer. The startup was part of the summer 2020 class at accelerator Y Combinator … Read More

Activism platform actionable helps users be proactive about the causes they love –

In 2016, when the world felt like an entirely different place, Jordan Hewson launched a platform called Speakable. It was meant to let news readers take action on a cause … Read More

Bizzabo raises $138M for a platform that helps you build and run virtual conferences –

Conferences have — for better or worse (and if you’ve ever been trapped in a cavernous CES exhibition hall, you might say worse) — become a significant cornerstone of how … Read More

AliveCor, which helps its users manage their heart health, scores another FDA approval –

Last week, AliveCor, a nine-year-old, 92-person company whose small, personal electrocardiogram devices help users detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, and tachycardia from heart rate readings taken from their own kitchen tables, … Read More

Stark raises $1.5M for a toolkit that helps developers and others create more inclusive design –

Diversity and inclusion are slowly, slowly moving away from being an afterthought (or worse, a no-thought) in the tech world. And to underscore the new attention the area is getting … Read More

WizVille Local Monitor helps small shops track Google Maps ratings of competitors –

French startup WizVille is launching a new product called Local Monitor to help restaurant owners, haircut places, bakeries and all kinds of small shops track their Google Maps ratings and … Read More

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